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813-SCCH0100 #1

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Basic Sprint Car Steel Bolt Kit

Part# 813-SCCH0100

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Complete Sprint Car Grade 8 Bolt Kit. Includes everything you need to put together your Triple X Sprint Car. Packaged separately so you know exactly where they go and complete with a list of all of its contents. Each package is marked with its location and extra nuts and washers are provided. All Bolts are Grade 8 with Nylock Thin Nuts and AN Washers. Complete with Torque Tube Studs, Jacobs Ladder Pins with Springs and Clips, Perfect length Tail Tank Bolts, Lower Motorplate Bolts, Bell Crank, Pedals, Wings, Steering, Brakes, Front End, Engine Mounting to Chassis, Shocks, Radius Rods and More!

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